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Disney’s Moana Adventure Doll

Do you hear that? It sounds like a voice. Yes, that’s what it is. I hear a faint voice over the roar of warm waves crashing on sunny beaches of the Pacific Islands. I think it’s coming from this Moana Adventure Doll!

This doll is similar in size to Disney Toddler Princess dolls but is not the toddler version of herself in the movie.

She is 14 inches tall and has joint movement at the shoulders, neck, and hips. Dressed in her lovely skirt and top, she also wears matching removable anklet and bracelet.

Her hair falls to her waist in long, brown waves. There is enough hair to comb and brush and make simple hairstyles such as braids. Girls can use Moana’s flower hair clip accessory in their own hair.

I adore her adorably up-turned nose, and her perfectly painted eyebrows, eyelashes, and lips. Her hairline and chin create a lovely heart-shaped face.

I really like her eyes. They even have a name for the style used, called “Royal Reflection Eyes.” Her warm brown eyes are actually two parts. Inset into the center of each of the eye-whites, you will find a glassy, soft-brown iris; however, the eye-whites are not separate from the rest of the doll’s head.

I highly recommend this doll for little Moana fans, which, by my calculations, should be every little girl between the ages of 3 and 8. It isn’t an excellent dress-up doll, but that’s because there aren’t any extra outfits readily made with a Moana theme. However, she is a pretty average sized 14″ doll, so clothing like American Girl doll clothes will fit.

I wouldn’t recommend this as a bath doll because any contact with soap would likely destroy her hair.

Overall, I would wholeheartedly recommend the Moana Adventure Doll because I feel the price and quality are both very reasonable. Moana’s current popularity factors in as well.

It may also be available at Disney Store.