Best Gymnast Dolls

These 5 Gymnast Dolls Will Make You Flip!

From dolls that are ready for Olympic team tryouts to fun and colorful options, there’s sure to be a gymnast doll on this list that will inspire hours of imaginative play. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get flipping!

Best Dolls With Horses

In my research for this article on dolls with horses, I wanted to understand what it is about horses and horse dolls that girls love so much. It turns out, I opened a Pandora’s box that I may never close. What is it about horses that causes a girl to throw away all other interests … Read more

Best Doctor Dolls for Little Doctors

Today, I want to talk about two different types of Doctor Dolls. A doctor doll can refer to a doll that looks like a doctor, but it can also describe a doll who enables a child to be the doctor by being a patient. The latter often comes with extra accessories for your child to … Read more

Best Ballerina Dolls for Play

The Ultimate List of Ballerina Dolls for Play

Ballerina dolls inspire little girls to reach for the stars. To explore their potential. To dream big dreams. Why? What is it that makes little girls want to point their toes, clumsily and loudly leaping and twirling across the floor? I don’t remember pretending to be a ballerina when I was a girl, though I’m … Read more

Back-to-School Fashion Dolls

Looking for a way to get your girls excited about school? Any of these 5 Great Back-to-School Themed Fashion Dolls will promote nurturing, create an environment conducive to learning, and lots of imagination! Perfect for role playing and connecting with your child, too!

Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid Doll

Read Now: Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid Doll

She’s super-colorful and will light up bath time like no other doll! But does she last? Would Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid make a good gift? Read this to learn more.

Disney’s Moana Adventure Doll

Read: Disney's Moana Adventure Doll

Toddler Moana is here! This adorable Moana Adventure Doll will take your little one on so many adventures through the warm Pacific waters! Read More…

Wee Baby Stella Accessories

These Wee Baby Stella accessories are so adorable! Find out why we’re gushing about them, and see why your little girl will, too!

Bath Time Baby Dolls

Splish Splash! Guess who can go in the bath? Choose any of these lovely little bath time baby dolls for your little girl, and watch bath time turn into a splashingly good time.

Baby Stella Doll Review

The line of Baby Stella dolls are cute and cuddly, but are they worth it? I share my experience with you about the doll my daughter received for her first birthday, and then I rewrote it five and a half years later.