Wee Baby Stella Accessories

Roundup: 5 Must-Have Accessories for Wee Baby Stella

If you spend any time on this site, you know we’re big fans of Baby Stella Dolls. There are a few reasons why these dolls make amazing friends for toddlers. Not only are they an excellent way to teach empathy and anatomy, but they are also very cuddly. They also have the fantastic ability to spark the imagination. Though there are fewer Wee Baby Stella accessories available, I feel they are just the right size for babies transitioning into toddlerhood.

I chose the following sets because each of them covers a different aspect of baby care, or in this case, doll care. Though the doll by itself promotes nurturing, each set in itself is an activity. Prices for each item are less than $20, and in some cases, less than half of that. They are also easy to clean and are quite durable

Are you planning to give any of the following items as a gift? Make sure that you are buying the right size items for your doll. Regular-sized Stella dolls are too big for anything on this list.


Feeding Set for Wee Baby Stella

One of the first skills my oldest daughter insisted on mastering was feeding herself. Once she had a firm grasp on that, pretending to feed her dolls was next.This three-piece feeding set is a perfect way to help develop that nurturing skill. The plush teething ring and bottle will both magnetically attach to Wee Baby Stella’s mouth, just like her pacifier.And can you believe how adorable the bib’s strawberry drawing is?


Wee Baby Stella Travel Time Carrier Set

This carrier is a lovely accessory for those of us who have a toddler and a baby. If you use a carrier with your baby, your toddler might like the idea of carrying her Wee Stella around in her own carrier. The straps are short, which makes it the perfect size for toddlers as well.The carrier has a magnetic pacifier pinned to the front, which I like. It’s one less small piece that little ones can lose!


Wee Baby Stella Folding Play Gym

Baby dolls need their playtime, too! This Play Gym accessory for Wee Stella dolls will keep your baby – and her baby doll – entertained and busy for hours. It’s super-easy to set up, and when baby doll playtime is over, it folds up easily for storage and travel.I love the heart mobiles. If I were playing with this, which isn’t a stretch if I were honest, I’d be pretending that Wee Baby Stella was cooing contently, batting at them with her hands and feet.


Delightful Diaper Bag Set for Wee Baby Stella Dolls

Can these accessories get any cuter? Yes, they can!

This tiny diaper bag has such a bright and sunny floral print. It’s just the right size to hold all three items included: a plush baby powder bottle, travel wipes purse with two cloth wipes and an extra diaper with a snazzy confetti print.


Sweet Dreams Bassinet for Wee Baby Stella

I saved the best for last! The Sweet Dreams Bassinet is by far my favorite of all the Wee Baby Stella accessories. Don’t you love the blue and white stripes? And it matches the diaper bag perfectly because it has the same floral print!Though the pictures make it look like it’s sturdy enough to stand up on its own, the material is quite soft and flops a little more than you would expect. That doesn’t make it a bad toy, though. One of my toddler’s favorite games is putting things in bags, and this bassinet is the perfect size to put her doll in. She loves it!

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