Calin Sky Baby Doll (Corolle)
$39.99 $39.94
Victoria Ballerina Doll by Melissa and Doug
$26.99 $24.96
Classic Raggedy Andy Doll (Auromere)
$25.70 $16.16
Baby Stella Beige Doll
$29.99 $19.88
Disney Sofia The First - Talking Sofia and Animal Friends (Mattel)
$39.99 $34.54

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Doll Gift Guide

Choosing what kind of doll to give as a gift for a little girl can be daunting if you don't have any experience.  Read on to learn a few tips and ensure that your gift is a hit!

1. What type of a girl are you buying for?

There are two ends of a scale out there when it comes to dolls for girls and how they treat them.  If you plan on purchasing a doll as a gift for a young girl in your life, make sure that you buy according to her personality.

If she's the busy, creative type, buying a high end collector doll may not be the best gift, as these little girls tend to play a bit harder. For these girls, choose a doll that is durable and meant for hard play.

At the other end of the scale, we have the girls that are a little more calm and prefer to take in their surroundings.  Buying this little girl a more fragile doll that was made to be admired for its beauty is certainly a good option.

It is also a good idea to stay away from collector's dolls unless you know that the child actually has a collection and knows how to care for collector's dolls. Most little girls expect to receive dolls that are meant to be played with, and you should expect that such a doll will be taken out of its box and be played with.

If you aren't sure what the recipient of your doll gift is like, it's far more sensible to go with a durable doll made for play than buying something that might not last.

2. Be sensitive to the Parent's beliefs

While some parents don't care about what type of doll their girls play with, other parents have made decisions on what to allow their children to play with.  Many of these parents choose to avoid dolls that may not set the right body image, such as Barbie, or the right cultural image, such as Bratz or Monster High dolls.

Whether or not you agree with them, it's best to respect their wishes when purchasing a gift for their daughters.  Ignore their wishes, and your gift will most likely go unused and may be given away.

If in doubt, ask them ahead of time if they have any issues with their children playing with certain doll brands or styles.

3. Gift a doll for the right age

While no situation is the same, my general rule of thumb for buying a doll as a gift is to make age the first aspect in my buying process.

I like to buy fun, plush dolls for babies and toddlers.  A good example is the Baby Stella Doll.  I'll buy a doll similar to Stella for any little girl under the age of three.

For girls 3 to 6 years of age, I tend to purchase dolls that inspire creativity and imagination.  Dolls like the ones from the Lalaloopsy collection are colorful, and have their own stories that promise to keep any little girl entertained for more than just a day or two.

Girls between the ages of 6 and 9 often start turning to dolls that resemble humans a little more than the play dolls I recommend for younger years.  A great choice would be anything from the Only Hearts Club line, such as Karina Grace.  This type of doll allows the girl to play and pretend in a manner that she can relate to - going to school, playing with friends, and still have the ability to brush hair and play dress up.

If choosing to buy a doll for a girl between the ages of 9 and 12, do stick with the fashion dolls, or find out what dolls she has and buy clothes made for that doll.

If looking for a gift for a girl over the age of 12, I highly recommend speaking to the girl or her parents first.  She may have decided she's too old for dolls, or she can tell you what kind of doll she's interested in herself.

4. Stay away from Noisy Dolls

Unless you know that the little girl you're shopping for already has a toy box full of noisy toys, stay away from loud dolls.  When considering a talkative or interactive doll, I always ask myself, "How fast would this drive me crazy?"  The louder it is, the faster the parents are going to be tempted to take out the batteries or put the doll away.

5.  Include a Gift Receipt

This is a surefire way to make sure that if your gifted doll isn't suitable, that it can still turn into a great gift.  Adding a gift receipt allows the parents to exchange the gift if there are any issues with your choice.  For instance, you might give a doll that the little girl already has.  What ever the reason is, if you do find out that your gift was exchanged for something else, try not to be offended.  Remember that the replacement is still a gift from you.